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About Our Podiatrist

Stephanie Wilkie Maclean

Bach. Health Science (Podiatry)

Masters Health Science (hons)

Stephanie is the founder of Remedy+Run and has been practicing in Australia since 2011. She started her career in Tasmania working across all aspects of clinical practice. Her time in Launceston  granted the opportunity to work with a number of other health professionals within multidisciplinary teams and providing a more ‘wholistic’ type of healthcare - with the goal of wellness. This wellness focus has shaped her style of practice in the years since, and shaped her vision for Remedy+Run.


In recent years Stephanie has worked in clinics in Brisbane, providing podiatry care for all ages, as well as some of Queensland’s top sports people. She has also developed strong professional relationships with local surgeons, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, doctors and health professionals.

Stephanie’s approach to podiatric care takes into consideration all aspects of her patients life and body. She understands that no one is perfect and there must always be a balance. She is also a stickler for communication, maintaining the mantra that the patient needs to understand not just the available treatments, but why disease or injury has occurred. By bringing together good communication and a wellness approach it is possible to work towards not only relieving acute concerns, but sustainable health and wellness.

Stephanie practices what she preaches, she and her husband work on keeping active and staying healthy, whilst still enjoying cooking, travel and catching up with friends. She is an avid (her husband says mad) runner and rower, and has been a representative player in a number of other sports.

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